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Become apart of this colorful journey!

Whether you are a user of There She Glows' products, a client at the spa or a loved one that has watched me on this journey... I need your help! Please consider donating any amount you feel lead to bless my business with. All donations are seeds into There She Glows and will be used to further development the product line. I started this skincare line with the very last $600 I had 4 years ago this month and I do not regret it! It has taken hard work but even more importantly, it has taken major consistency and the support of many faithful customers. I cannot do this scale up alone and my goal is to crowd source the remaining funds needing as my birthday initiative. 

What do I need these funds for?

This is great question! for the past year I have been pitching to investors and major companies and the one piece of advice I have been given for this next step I want to take is to try crowd sourcing first. Because I am still very small in comparison to a brands like "Fenty" or "Black Girl Sunscreen" I do not require as much funding... yet. This is good and somewhat bad; when I would pitch to investors they could see the vision but encouraged me to ask for more. I am so humbled by this journey to grow the line because it requires me to be a sponge at all times. This journey has also taught me the importance of going slow and being steady, asking for more meant to me less balance in my business model in it's current state. Crowd sourcing however allows me to still juggling all of my various responsibilities and scale on a reasonable time line. I know that I have to crawl before I walk and that the name of this game is longevity. Your donation will be used to secure a turnkey factory and the enhancement of our current packaging. We are making it more reasonable in price, easier to travel with, and of course even more aesthetically pleasing!

What will you get in return for your donation?

Another great question!

I know many of you that donate simply just want to see this line flourish or say happy birthday in a special way and I thank you so much. I wanted to do an extra act of gratitude by adding each donators name to the new collectors skin kit that I will be launching 1st. When people receive their There She Glows Kit they will know that you helped me get it to them. This is sooooo important to me and I thank you so much for believing in this cause!