Avogen Supplment

Avogen Supplment

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60 capsules per package (a two month supply) / 500 mg per capsule

With Avogen Dietary Supplement, you feel better and look younger. It is that simple.

Avogen302 keys on the extracellular matrix (ECM) to aid and support cells deteriorated from aging and stress.  These aging and stress symptoms in the extracellular matrix and elsewhere are usually distinct and measurable by 30 years old.

As the body undergoes aging and stress, soft elastic tissues of all organs become, descriptively speaking, more gristle-like. This phenomena is called excess crosslinking. Organs work inefficiently as a consequence and we visibly age.

With skin the extra-cellular matrix deteriorates and skin becomes thin, hard and dry. When sun damage occurs, the skin becomes highly crosslinked, more inelastic and often disfigured.

Avogen302 helps restore tissue to soft, elastic condition and aids and supports the signaling processes between cells that occur in the extracellular matrix to ensure normal and desirable crosslinking.

We recommend a once per day oral capsule of Avogen Dietary Supplement to reverse the appearance effects of chronologic aging and sun damage.

The key ingredient is Avogen302, a naturally occurring molecule found only in avocado.

One capsule daily helps to:

• Clear away the aged and sun damaged look

• Soften and erase scars, restore stretched skin

• Soften implant areas to natural feel and look

• Soften chronic adhesions from surgery and injury

• Increase overall vitality and energy

• Improve clarity and coordination

• Softer, freer movement from stiff joints – in days!


Natural Avocado Oil, Avogen302*, Organic Candelilla Esters**

Capsule material: Hydroxyethylcellulose

Avogen Topical Mist (2 fl oz)

Avogen Topically

Mist once per evening for a restored look and visible change. This product will reverse many of the visible signs of skin aging.